Price Beat Guarantee

If you find a lower price for an item in New Zealand, we will beat that price by 10%

Our goal is to bring our customers a wide variety of sporting goods at great prices with exceptional customer experience. So, our Price Beat Guarantee is our commitment towards our goal.

If you find a lower price for any item in New Zealand, and we have that item in our stock and the item meets are the terms and conditions below, contact us, and we will beat that price by 10%.


So, why would you pay more?


It’s super easy to claim your 10% discount at Mill Sports.

  • Review the Terms and Conditions below for eligibility criteria.
  • If you see that the item is eligible for Price Beat Guarantee, contact us through email or phone with details of the products.
  • We’ll verify your request. If your request is eligible, we will ask you to register on our store (if not yet registered).
  • We will create a discount coupon for you for that particular item (or multiple items as applicable).
  • Shop online at Millsports and use that discount coupon at the checkout.


It’s just that easy.


Terms and Conditions

  • The product must be available for sale in New Zealand by a New Zealand based retailer or online retailer. For a New Zealand based online retailer, the business must have a physical presence in New Zealand, and items must be shipped from within New Zealand.
  • The price must be in New Zealand dollars.
  • The item must be identical in brand, colour, size, model, make to Mill Sports.
  • The item must be a brand new boxed item without being used as a dummy product.
  • The product must be immediately available to be purchased and delivered within three working days.
  • The product price must not be a part of a closing down sale, liquidation sale, wholesale offer or commercial quantities.
  • The offer must be available to the general public in its entirety and must not be for a single individual or a group of individuals.
  • The price must be the final price in New Zealand dollars. It must include all additional charges such as shipping, taxes, card processing fees and all other applicable charges.
  • Must be visible to the general public at the time of claiming.
  • The price must not be a result of loyalty points, membership benefits.
  • If online, the offer must be directly available on the provider's website without redirecting to any other site.
  • Mill Sports reserve the right to verify the evidence of the claim.
  • Offer must be claimed before making the purchase.


Further Terms and Conditions

  • Mill Sports may discontinue the Price Beat Guarantee at any time without any prior notice to anyone.
  • Mill Sports has the right to deny this offer anytime to anyone without providing any reason.




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