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Our mission is to support New Zealand sports enthusiasts and athletes all over the country, by providing them with easy access to high-quality sporting equipment. While we already sell our products for reasonable, competitive prices, we also employ a price beat guarantee to set ourselves apart from other sports wholesale suppliers and stores in New Zealand.

With our new permanent promotion, we’re doing even more to support the real sportspeople of this country.

Discounts for Sports Clubs in New Zealand

As if we weren’t doing enough for sports in New Zealand, our new system offers a discount to all the runners, players, and members of any sports club in this country. We consider it our way of saying thank you to the people keeping sports alive in New Zealand.

For Bulk Buying

This promotion applies to the management of sports clubs, looking to deck out their organisations with new gear. For clubs interested in taking advantage of this offer, get in touch with us directly, and we’ll figure out a special price just for you based on the details of your order and your club.


For Individual Members

For the individual members and players of sports teams, we’re offering a 10% flat rate discount on all of our products. With our prices already so competitive, you’re likely to be saving more like 15-20% when you come to Mill Sports NZ rather than our competitors. And yes, the 10% price beat guarantee still applies on top of this!

How to Redeem as a Player/Member?


  1. First, register with Mill Sports NZ through this link.
  2. Next, email us at, with the subject line Sports Club Member Discount, telling us your:
    1. Your name
    2. Email address
    3. The name of your sports club
  3. Wait for your confirmation email to come through from us. If this takes longer than 2 days after you’ve emailed us, give us a call directly.
  4. Once everything’s gone through, we’ll apply the discount to every purchase you make through your member account.


Why Wouldn’t You?

As a sportsperson in New Zealand, why wouldn’t you want to be rewarded for your hard work? We stock a wide variety of different sporting equipment from different brands at Mill Sports NZ, and with this member discount, along with our Price Beat Guarantee, there’s nowhere that you’ll get the same quality of goods for such a great price.


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